What is CBD oil

Over the last few years, CBD oil has become increasingly popular in the health and wellness industry. The market has been estimated at a whopping £7.1 billion and is expected to rise to around £18 Billion by 2025.

Many people are turning to CBD oil as a supplement to boost their general wellbeing. It comes in many flavours, strengths, and percentages and can be made using different variations of the plant. But with the market expanding many questions are emerging.

What do we know about it? What can CBD oil do? Are there even any benefits to using it?

Let’s start with “What is CBD Oil?”

CBD Oil (Cannabidiol Oil) is a product made using CBD extracted from the Cannabis Plant, both the low and high THC strains can be used for extracting the cannabinoids from. This extract is then usually mixed with a carrier oil to create the CBD oil you find on the shelves.
They can come in various flavours, strengths and mixed with different carrier oils. There are :

  • Full spectrum CBD Oils,
  • Broad Spectrum CBD Oils
  • Isolate CBD Oils

Full spectrum CBD Oil made up using an extract of all the cannabinoids, including THC. The THC levels are however, usually low due to legal restraints.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is made using a compound mix, but not all the compounds are present, this is Usually THC that has been removed.

Isolate CBD Oil is produced using a singular isolated CBD compound with no other cannabinoids present.

If you want to find out more about the different extraction methods and the various cannabinoids that can be found in CBD oils, check out our What is CBD Blog.

So moving on to What do we know about CBD Oils?

One common misconception is that CBD Oil can get you high. The CBD oils you find on the shelves doesn’t contain enough THC ( Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) to give the euphoric high associated with Cannabis. These oils tend to have relatively low concentrations of THC if any at all, to ensure they are legal.

When it comes to legalities, the Laws around the world differ with regards to what CBD Oils are legal and the THC levels within them.

In the EU, CBD Oils must contain less than 0.3% THC, but places inthe USA have limits as high as 1%. Some countries have banned CBD Oil regardless of the THC content. Read more here

In the EU, CBD Oils are classed as a Novel food, with new regulations coming in to try and regulate the CBD industry. This means from March 2021 any CBD Oil must have a valid Novel food application before it can be sold.

And finally What can CBD do?

Many people want to talk about the benefits of CBD Oil, but this one is a really difficult topic to discuss. Due to medical regulations we cannot discuss the benefits of CBD without the medical and scientific back up and permissions from medical regulatory authorities, meaning the most anyone can say is that CBD Oil can help to maintain a healthy wellbeing or levels of homeostasis.
Why not try some CBD Oil for yourself and see what you think?

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