INTENSE Hair Serum – 250mg

Essench’s 250mg CBD Intense Hair Serum contains all 21 known amino acids which create the building blocks for protein. This helps build up collagen and elastin which are essential to hair strength and growth. The Infused CBD oil helps prevent breakage and makes hair appear thicker and fuller.



Nettle Leaf Oil
This ingredient is loaded with protein, fibre, fats, vitamins A,B,C and K and minerals such as calcium, silica,magnesium and iron. All these work together to shield and protect the hair from free radicals, and strengthen the blood vessels, which mean the follicles will receive more nutrients and oxygen, resulting in your hair growing stronger and healthier.

Rosemary Oil
a powerful oil that helps fight off pro-inflammatory microorganisms in our scalp, these microorganisms kick start chronic inflammation in the scalp which result in starting the hair loss process. Studies have also shown that rosemary oil can reduce the DHT levels in our scalps. DHT is a hormone that contributes to hair loss and thinning.

Horsetail Oil
Due to the silica content in Horsetail oil, it has the ability to help reduce hair loss, strengthen hair follicles. It does this by improving the blood circulation in the scalp. By improving blood circulation it will improve the condition of the scalp and the individual hair follicles which will stimulate hair regrowth.