Hemp vs Whey Protein

In this article of “Did you know?”. We are going to explore the debate that has been raging on the internet for quite a while. It is Hemp vs Whey Protein. Whey has been the standard for a while, but now a new, vegan alternative is looking to take its place.

Whey Protein vs Hemp Protein

To start, whey Protein and the gym have been synonymous for a while now. Nearly everyone who has gone to the gym will have had one of their protein shakes before. But with the rise of Hemp Protein that could be about to change. In this article of Did you know – we present; Hemp vs Whey.

First of all, what is Whey Protein?

According to Healthline whey protein is a mixture of proteins isolated from whey. Which is the liquid part of milk that separates during cheese production.
The protein is widely believed to be the best protein for lean muscle mass building. As Whey is the liquid part of the milk it is not vegan. As a result more people are looking for vegan options when it comes to getting that beach body.

Why Hemp Protein?

Bulk Products also sell a Hemp protein powder, containing hemp seeds people are raving about it for its complete amino profile. Which means that hemp protein has all 20 of the essential amino acids which is important because it can be difficult to get all of the amino acids on a vegan and vegetarian diet and the hemp protein powder can be used to supplement. Alongside it being rich in Omega 3 and 6 it has more benefits other than upping your protein intake.
It can also be a good for people who have dairy intolerance’s as they will not be able to consume whey products. Since hemp has been shown to save the bees it is no surprise we are continuing to find out about its many uses

Will it affect a drug test?

The hemp seed contains THC so hemp protein powder is unlikely to make you fail a drug test. The hemp seed is pressed to try remove the remaining oils.

Should I throw my whey protein in the bin and order some hemp protein?

Not just yet. Hemp protein has a high fibre count some people may experience gas, bloating or in some cases diarrhoea if too much of the product is consumed at one time. As said earlier in the article, Some people may have allergies to hemp.


In terms of price, across the market there doesn’t seem to be too much difference. However, hemp protein does not contain fillers unlike whey, so you do not need to consume as much in one serving to get the same benefit. Which, over time would be a cost saver.

Quality of Hemp Protein vs Whey Protein.

The most important one really when comparing any product. One could be cheaper but objectively worse. So let’s see how hemp matches up against whey. For one, it is much easier to digest than whey by as much as 50% since it contains a few chemicals which break the protein down. Two of the main proteins which cause this are Albumin and Edestin. So far, one point for Hemp.

Unsaturated Fats in Hemp

The next thing hemp has going for it is its unsaturated fats. For people who would prefer to have a healthy level of fat hemp could be the right protein powder for you. When hemp is cold-pressed it normally retains some of its unsaturated fats.
So far 2-0 Hemp.

Since hemp contains saturated fats it will naturally contain more calories than its competitor whey. If you want to lose weight though a strict diet take this into account when considering hemp as a protein source. Whey gets a point for this one as it can offer a low and high calorie powder.

So Who Wins, Whey or Hemp?

It’s a difficult one. Since studies show that hemp may be unsuitable for pregnant women its all even. Our opinion is that if you are the average gym-goer then this is probably for you. Hemp is cost saving and easier to digest. However it is slightly higher in calories. Alongside being higher in amino acids its clear to see that hemp protein does have its place in the protein powder industry.

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