Hemp as an alternative to Tobacco

Throughout history the attitudes to Tobacco and smoking have changed significantly, from it being believed to have healing properties in the 1400-1500s, to being known as a major killer in the 1900-2000s. So the question as to be asked, is hemp an alternative to tobacco?

With all the scientific research that’s been done we know just how bad cigarettes and Tobacco are for you, yet millions of people continue to smoke on a daily basis.

Many people have become addicted to the habit, and although taking anything into your lungs can’t be great for you, there needs to be a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to tobacco.

But what is out there that can be really substituted?

There are many herbs and leafy plants out there that can be smoked and used as a substitute for Tobacco including Sage, Chamomile, Damiana, Raspberry leaves, each having properties that make it a viable option as an alternative.

One of the options that is becoming more popular as a tobacco alternative is the Low THC Cannabis plant known as Hemp.

Hemp, unlike Marijuana, does not contain much THC, so can’t give you the euphoric high associated with smoking ‘weed’, however it can still have many of the other therapeutic effects associated with smoking the plant.

Over the years, the cannabis plant has received a lot of bad press about its negative effects. It’s been known as a drug that people abuse, and negatively portrayed through the media. But in more recent years research is showing that the health benefits may indeed outweigh the negatives and that there is a lot more to this little leafy plant than getting high.

So what makes Hemp a good alternative to tobacco?

Let’s start off with the environmental impact.

Tobacco cultivation, processing and manufacture causes significant environmental destruction. With the demand growing, deforestation is on the rise to make way for larger tobacco plantations. The crop requires significant levels of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers to grow, all of which can damage the land making it difficult to grow other crops. The waste contains vast amounts of chemicals and can often be toxic. When tobacco is grown, there is only one singular use for the end product. 

Hemp is a more environmentally friendly plant. During cultivation it requires less water to grow and few to no chemicals due to its own antibacterial and pest resistant properties.

Not only that, but Hemp can be used for thousands of applications. There are ways to use the majority of the plant, there will be less waste. Most plant matter left over can be put back to the earth and used to help to nourish the cultivated areas. 

Hemp can be a very environmentally friendly alternative. You can read more about hemp and the environment here

What else makes Hemp a great alternative?

Many chemicals are used in the manufacture of cigarettes. The tobacco we combust contains over 7000 different chemicals. More than 250 of which are classed as being harmful and over 60 of which are known to cause cancers. These are consumed by thousands of people on a daily basis, causing a range of medical conditions, and resulting in many deaths being contributed to smoking. Over 400,000 deaths a year are linked to tobacco smoking.

Hemp on the other hand takes much less processing and contains very little if anything in the way of chemicals, some strains are even grown organically. You’re not consuming significant numbers of chemicals, and there have been 0 deaths attributed to smoking hemp. In fact hemp has a number of medical applications with it being prescribed by medical professionals across the globe via various medical cannabis schemes.

Research is even starting to show that the smoke inhaled when combusting cannabis/Hemp is much less harmful in comparison to tobacco smoke. The associated risk of cancer is much lower too.

So not only is it better for the environment, it is healthier for our bodies too.

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