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Now that CBD is becoming a lifestyle choice because of the benefits that it offers, this is now becoming a must have item on peoples monthly shopping list. The great news here is that once you have a customer on board, on average 80% will order off you month on month. The benefit to you is that whilst you are building your sales network of new customer, 8 in 10 people month on month will order residually meaning that your business and sales network is always evolving. We have designed a range of packages across three different categories. Sublingual which is oral application (tinctures and capsules), topicals which are products that you apply to the skin and a luxury cosmetics range that have been clinically tested. Each package has a different range of products so that you have choice and each package has been designed to give you a return on your investment.


Essentially what we are sending you is your own business in a box as the products are all for you to sell on to your customers and grow your business from the comfort of your own home.

We have tried to make the process as easy as possible so that it is easy to manage. We have looked at the best-selling products and put them into different packs so all of the hard work has been taken away in terms of product selections by yourself. In preparation for your delivery, try to start getting the communication out there whether verbally or through social media. Let people know what you are doing so that they know where to come to.

This is the easy part. From our family and friends, to our neighbours and work colleagues, in fact anyone over the age of 18, are all potential customers. Then we have our personal social media's across Facebook and Instagram which is a brilliant place to start as a wider audience. For every 10 customers that you sell to, on average 8 of them will buy off you month on month, organically.

Answer: YES!

We have an active "Monthly Reward Scheme" where you can earn points for any purchase or referral made.

You will be given your own unique business code to allow us to track your progress.

Business in a Box is designed to deliver you monthly profit through selling your products although additional rewards and discounts are available every month as an additional business incentive for your efforts.

All points and rewards reset each month so be sure to residual buy and keep your referrals buying and educating to receive additional monthly rewards.

Answer: NOW!

If you have made the commitment to build and develop your own CBD business after ordering your first pack, we will have all of your details to be able to send you some marketing information... From here your journey begins.

You will receive all information via email so keep an eye out for any updates and marketing materials... You can use any information provided to go straight onto your social media pages or to clients ensuring your customers gain a wider knowledge of CBD in general.

You get paid immediately. As you sell the products to your customers, deduct your cost from your sell price and that is your profit. It is a numbers game and the more people that you speak to whether verbally or across social media, the more people will know about your business, and with the marketing materials that we provide, both yourself and your audience will be educated.

Because we are looking at people’s wellbeing, brand and product selection are very important as we
want to make sure that people are getting the best of best products across the three categories of
Sublingual, Topical and Cosmetic. Because of this a great deal of time has gone onto identifying not
only the correct brands but also the correct products. All brands that we partner with have to have
ALL of the following:
✔️ Seed to sale story for all sublingual products and the following accreditations.
✔️ GMP Certified – Good Manufacturing Process
✔️ ISO22000 – Food grade manufacturing facilities
✔️ This ensures that we now where the product has come from
✔️ Because the vendors cultivate their own hemp, products can be traced back to the plant
that they were grown from
✔️ All products are accompanied by relevant lab reports, tested by batch
✔️ All cosmetics registered on the European portal of cosmetics which is a standard
✔️ Cosmetic brand are clinically tested products with proven results

In your starter pack you will have the following items to get you started. On top of this we have created a page on both Facebook and Instagram which is designed to give support across the whole
group. These people, like yourselves are all entrepreneurial minded , and are from different parts of the UK. We highly encourage open communication amongst partners as this can give us different ideas on who to sell to, where to sell, and because everyone is from different parts of the country there is no conflict in sharing ideas. Of course, we are also always at the end of a message and are very responsive in answering all emails received.

Your business in a box is designed to give you all of the tools and support elements to enable you to build and develop your own CBD business whether selling to friends and family or building a sales network. It is designed to be as simple as possible, whilst giving you all of the necessary tools to be successful. The items that you will receive are as follows:
✔️ Full range of products that you have selected
✔️ An email sent to your inbox immediately with the following information:
✔️ Unique Loyalty code to give out to people you have introduced
✔️ Online order forms
✔️ Access to online ‘Business in a Box’ groups via Facebook and Instagram

How much do I have to invest?

The packages start from as little as £250.00 and go up to £1200.00.

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